Now You Can Get the Ebooks Direct from the Author


Short version: you can now buy my science fiction and fantasy directly from me at I’m really excited about that! Also, if you look up ‘Stant Litore’ on Kobo, Apple, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, or the Kindle, you’ll find some great fiction to read!

Want to ride a tyrannosaur, travel across space and time to make first contact, or battle the hungry Bronze Age dead?

So, where can you find Litore’s stories?


First, check out This is a cool indie site where creators can sell games, comics, and books, and it is where you can purchase my ebooks directly; 95% of the purchase goes straight to me. This is my main storefront; purchases here support me the most. I like this store because I can include bonus stories with your purchase if I want to, you can tip me extra if YOU want to, and I can show off the beautiful books more fully. When you buy the book, you get to download either a kindle or epub file (or both!) that you can then upload to your e-reader or open with most e-reader apps. Come take a look!


Second, my fiction is also listed now in many ebook stores, including Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, Nook, Apple Books, and (for my Australian readers) Angus & Robertson. Some of the books are listed on Mondadori, as well. To shop these stores, just use the links below:

For an omnibus of the dinosaur gladiator stories:

For The Zombie Bible:

For Ansible Seasons 1 and 2:

For Dante’s Heart:


Need an ebook copy for your library? Stay tuned – The books will be listed in Bibliotheca and Overdrive very soon! Librarians are my heroes, and I’m glad to be able to get them easier access to the books.


Want audiobooks? They’re not all released yet, but those that are, you can find them here:

What I’ll be working on next:

  • Finishing Ansible: Season 3
  • Finishing the Lives of Unforgetting audiobook
  • Working on the next dinosaur story

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