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Thank you for exploring these worlds. I am Stant Litore. I write science fiction, fantasy, horror, and weird fiction, I keep tyrannosaurs in the backyard, and generally I try to tell stories that bring hope, fire, and mayhem to the hearts of my readers. I live in Colorado. Thanks for your interest in my fiction.

I encourage you to explore the site – there’s a lot here. You can jump to some of the worlds in the Litoreverse by clicking the cover art below. You can read reviews here or visit my blog here.

When you’re ready, check out all of the books and audiobooks, and embark on an odyssey that will take you from cylindrical space stations on which young athletes race tyrannosaurs, to far planets where vegetable people drink sunlight, to the deeps of time when our ancestors fought the zombie hordes.









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2 thoughts on “Discover the Fiction of Stant Litore

  1. Jo Pinto

    I attended a workshop you taught recently at the Writers on the Rock conference in Colorado. I’ve been to many writing conferences over the last twenty years or so,

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  2. Hi Stant; this is the sonnet I tried to leave on your table last Sunday.
    It’s said that death and taxes are the two
    things no one ever can escape. Suppose
    you think the world has karma; if you view
    them both as just, explain just how that goes.

    So who adjudicates how karma works,
    who weights the balances, who tends the scale?
    Who else but God Almighty has the perqs,
    or onus! making truth and right prevail?
    But who said life is fair? It’s full of risk
    and circumstance. The rolling rock from o’er
    the cliff can not predict the oyster bisque
    it makes of you when, SPLAT! you are no more.

    So while we here are living, any death
    to us is crap; life is its own, each breath!
    A/GOOD/DEATH/CRAP is 14 letters. Let me know if you want an acrostic on the topic, i.e. a new sonnet saying the same stuff but also using this acrostic. It’ll cost you a signed copy of your Writing Unforgettable Characters book.
    Or GOOD/DEATH/IS/BAD, also 14 letters. Lemme know.


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