Something I Want to Say


I have been told a few times recently that I cannot love God or serve God faithfully without condemning my LGBTQ+ neighbors, or without supporting policies and actions that threaten their rights, their lives, or their wellbeing. A few of my siblings in the faith believe that.

And I answer, “I think you are confusing me with someone who worships a small god. My God is not a small god. My God does not care about outward appearances; my God cares about the heart. My God is less interested in whether you squat or stand when you pee than with whether you love. I say ‘my God’ but he is not ‘my’ anything; I am trying to be his. I would be ashamed of owning a god, especially a small one. The God I love never told me to sit in judgment over my neighbor. He told me to love my neighbor, recklessly and deeply and without conditions, as he does.”

3 thoughts on “Something I Want to Say

  1. jackhamdulillah

    It is said :” The Best Among you, Is The Most Meaningful/Useful of you To Others”,Hope SOME of these May be Attractive n Useful!
    1.The Real God-The Creator,King & Master of All The Universe & Its Contennt is Only One,He has 99 Names-Associated With His Abilities & Conditions!
    2.He Still Conquer,uphold The Status,and Obeyed By ALL-THE CREATURES(Content) OF The Universe,even None Of us Acknowledged!
    3.If We Know What Did (and Does) God Say /wished & Wishes,We Will be Able to Know How to Love & Serve Him,But First We Have to Find The True,Real,Original,Tested Sources & Undoubted -HOLYBOOK & Trustworthy Messenger/Carrier!
    Alternatively,You Can Regard This Short Narration as a Short Poet-Short Langguane Excercise n Drill!


  2. jackhamdulillah

    If You want to Try to Communicate secrectly n Solemnly to The Real God, You Can Just use One of the 99 Names The Real God Has,ask Something, repeatedly and very Seriously,Deep in Your Heart, and Observe ,What is going To Happen!
    The same apply to Those Unreal Goddess!


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