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Help Me Support Colorado Readers

Support Grey Havens YA this season by ordering Stant Litore’s The Zombie Bible: Silver Edition Digital Box Set (on sale this season on Kindle and Nook). Through Dec 31, 50% of royalties go to GHYA.

Hi everyone! As you know, I’ve been deeply involved for years in the Grey Havens Group, and am a huge admirer of their youth branch, Grey Havens YA (GHYA), which gives teens in northern Colorado a home to come discuss books, imagination, and philosophy. It is an amazing group, and something I would have given a lot to have when I was a teen living in the country. Whenever I see them gathered for an event, I am so moved by their camaraderie, their deep love of sharing stories and of creating art, their passion for reading, and by the self-confidence these teens have built together.

GHYA is a shoestring-budget operation, and I want to help by giving them 50% of my royalties for The Zombie Bible: Silver Edition Digital Box Set to GHYA through December 31, 2015. Please help me by sharing the word and, of course, by buying the books! If I can get GHYA just $250, that supplies their book budget for the spring. If I can get them $500-$1000, they’ll be able to increase their membership, or perhaps get equipment to replace the truly archaic and at-the-brink-of-breaking computers and projectors they currently work with.

You can read testimonials from Grey Havens YA members and families here. And you can get the ebooks on Kindle or Nook (or give them another as a holiday gift). Tweet and share this post to let your friends know!


May your holidays and holy days be merry this season —

Stant Litore

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    It is an incredible honor to have gifted honor, Stant Litore, recognize and support what we do! There has never been a better time to dive into The Zombie Bible!

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