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What Are My Characters Thankful For?

I asked my characters what they’re thankful for this season…

Devora (upper left): “I’m still breathing.” (points at one of the people reading my blog) “He’s still breathing.” (points at another) “Her, too.” (points at another) “And he’s breathing.” (squints, then lifts her blade Mishpat warily) “I think.”

Father Polycarp (2nd from the left): “That you are listening to me. And that when I fall, there will be someone to keep walking. There is a very long way to walk.”

Regina (upper right): “Freedom. My freedom.” (rubbing her wrists gently after the bonds are cut)

Yirmiyahu (bottom): (silence) (glares at me through his lank, tangled hair)

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What are you thankful for, this season?

Stant Litore

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