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Sometimes, You Have a Perfect Evening

…and that is, itself, a thing worth celebrating.

This was mine:

Leaving the office, I took a few moments to watch rabbits eating beneath the hedge — it was peaceful. Then my wife picked me up at work, I came home and bought her a couple of hours to rest. First I read The Lord of the Rings to Inara while feeding her through her G tube. Then I built castles out of blocks with River. Then the toy chest turned into a starving monster and River had to feed it all the blocks, laughing the whole time, cleaning up while the toy chest roared happily, “Om nom nom nom nom!” Then I put River and Inara to bed. I took 45 minutes to polish a scene in the next Zombie Bible novel, and then took dinner and an evening of gaming with my wife. Finally, before bed, I checked on the girls and found River awake and staring out the window at a full moon. “Daddy, it’s a big moon! Can I see it closer?” She made binoculars with her hands, watched the moon, and pronounced solemnly, “Astronauts go to the moon.”

Yes, River. Yes they do.

I am thankful for my girls.

Stant Litore

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