Incursion (The Dakotaraptor Riders | Book One)


Paperback. Lesbian dakotaraptor riders, were-brachiosaurs, Slavic witches, triceratops cowboys, and carnivorous cacti! Can Sasha and her wife Katya save their homeworld?

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Looking for a thrilling tale with lesbian dakotaraptor riders, were-brachiosaurs, Slavic witches, triceratops cowboys, carnivorous cacti, and invaders with machine guns mounted on deathreaper tyrannosaurs?

If you’ve been looking for a series like that, Stant Litore has your back. In Incursion, join Sasha Nightwatcher and her wife Yekaterina on a wild dash across the violet prairie to save their alien homeworld.

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“Straight for the heart and delightfully weird.” – Joseph Brassey, author of Skyfarer and Dragon Road

“Stant Litore’s work blends an array of singular characters, prehistoric creatures, and an imaginative landscape into a dazzling vision, The Wild Wild West meets Jurassic Park meets Sucker Punch—but beautifully weirder, exploring a frontier that is at once alien and yet familiarly human. His writing is deft and delivers, drawing a perfect balance between the real and the fantastic, whisking you away on a fast-paced journey with characters you will feel deeply for. Mythical and marvelous, this is storytelling at its very best.” – Samuel Peralta, The Future Chronicles

“Stant Litore’s Incursion brings a new and fantastic universe alive, packed with vivid characters and colossal beasts—yet amidst the story’s intense action and swirling dilemmas, he never loses sight of his raison d’être: the power of human connection.” – Richard Ellis Preston, Jr., author of Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders

“A story that charges as hard at the heart as the fierce, raptor-riding heroines whose passion and mission make Incursion a deeply satisfying read. I can’t wait for the next book in what promises to be a much larger tale.” – James van Pelt, author of Pandora’s Gun

“Masterful worldbuilding, immersive prose, and authentic characters create a tale of adventure and love you won’t want to put down.” –  L. J. Hachmeister, author of Triorion

“An exuberant romp filled with dinosaurs and colorful characters, brimming with Litore’s trademark big heart. It also carries shades of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, and is sure to please any lover of interplanetary adventure.” – Travis Heermann, author of The Ronin Trilogy and The Shinjuku Shadows Trilogy

“Stant Litore has created a story about a fascinating world with brilliant characters, superb action, and a mystery I want to read more about. Also dinosaurs. Lots of dinosaurs.” – Steve McHugh, author of The Hellequin Chronicles

“In these dark days, we need reminders of what makes us human: community and song, collaboration, story and hope. The Dakotaraptor Riders gives us those reminders. Woven onto the warp and weft of a rich folklore that feels completely authentic, and yet contains threads that will make contemporary folklorists grin, this tale of clashing philosophies, racing dakotaraptors, and abiding love is a salve for a wounded soul. It reminds us not only that the fight can be won, but that the fight is worth waging against the forces of destruction, of cruelty and colonialism. This book is The Dark Is Rising for science fiction. Read it, and let it braid your frayed threads whole again.” – O.E. Tearmann, author of The Hands We’re Given


Invasion will be published in fall 2021.


ISBN 978-1736212714
353 pages.
Cover art by Stevie Rae.

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