On the Other Side of the Night


Paperback. On the Other Side of the Night is about the potential that science fiction and fantasy have to transform the way we see the world – and each other.

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How science fiction and fantasy can help us through our dark hour.

for everyone who has ever imagined
piloting a spaceship,
riding a dinosaur or a dragon,
or dreamed of a solarpunk city,
this book is for you

“At every hour, faces on television and voices on Twitter are telling us to fear, fear, fear, like the drumbeat of our heart going too fast. Tragically, because death or extinction is too terrifying, because disease and ecological disaster are too frightful, we turn our fears on each other instead. Those others, they are what we must fear, our leaders and too many of our storytellers insist. We are being asked to accept small-minded stories that make our hearts smaller, when we are in most need of larger stories that make our hearts bigger.

“When this time passes, if we strive only to ‘go back’ to how things were, to the injustices and unsustainable complacency that constricted our society before the pandemic, then we will be the most pitiable of fools. This is a time to imagine better, improbable, impossible futures. How we make it through this long night together will be dependent on the stories we tell and the stories we are willing to hear, as we face each other across the fire with our backs to the long dark. There are gifts of hope tucked inside these tales like trinkets or treasures tucked inside nested Russian dolls. Here, I’ll show you what I mean. Come closer to the fire. Let’s talk.” – Stant Litore, 2020.


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“From ancient texts to classic literature, through The Lord of the Rings to pop culture, Stant Litore’s The Other Side of the Night presents a compelling case for the vital role of science fiction, fantasy, and storytelling. I consumed his erudite book with joy and finished it by turning to the first page to read again.” – James van Pelt, author of Pandora’s Gun


ISBN 978-1732086999.
78 pages.
Cover art by Lauren K. Cannon



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