Death Has Come Up Into Our Windows


Paperback. It is 587 BC, and the weeping prophet faces off against the leaders of a starving city who have locked the dead in with the living.

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It is 587 BC, and the weeping prophet faces off against the leaders of a starving city who have locked the dead in with the living.

Each volume of The Zombie Bible retells a biblical or ecclesiastical tale as an episode in humanity’s enduring battle with hunger…and the hungry dead. This series can be read in any order.

Retelling Jeremiah and Lamentations

It is 587 BC. A vast army lies encamped about Yirmiyahu’s city, and a rebellious king has closed the city gates, locking in the living and the dead together. Only Yirmiyahu can see that the dead will overwhelm the city. Only he can hear the quiet weeping of his God behind her veil in the temple. And now he will stand alone against the injustice and hunger of a dying city.

But the things he sees and the things he must do will call into question every promise he has made, every duty he has sworn – to his wife, his deity, and his city.


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“Heartbreaking and wonderful.” – Conflictium

“A good novel should go for the throat; Death Has Come up into Our Windows goes for your heart, rips it out and eats it before your eyes.” – Lucinda Rose, Rose Reads

“Stant Litore has been doing fascinating phantasmagorical things with zombies in biblical times.” – Jeff Vandermeer, author of Annihilation

[About What Our Eyes Have Witnessed]: “If I could write a one-word review, it would be Wow. I still can’t get over the beautiful horror of Litore’s writing. Regina was a breathtaking character who stole the show for me. Even as I write this review, my eyes mist over. Highly recommended.” – Jennifer Bielman, Bad Bird Reads

“I find myself riveted to Stant’s prose, not only because I’m eager to find out the characters’ fate but because his words are so beautiful. The story has stayed with me days after reading it. I highly recommend.” – Denise Grover Swank, author of The Curse Keepers

“Beautifully composed and frighteningly well-researched… Well worth the read… Beyond the rich historical background and the desperate fight for survival, Strangers in the Land is a story about otherness, what it means to be a ‘stranger’… Far from being ‘just another zombie book’, it is a remarkably clear look at what it means to impose a system of inequality among a culture.” –

“To say I loved this book would be an understatement. I could not put it down.” – The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Zombie Bible is philosophy played out in bleak landscapes. It’s psychology set to the harsh strains of Prokofiev. Litore’s prose is lean and hungry; his characters are faceted all-round like various colored stones; his scenes pulse with blood and life, ring with metal or reek of sweat and undeath.” – Marc McDermott

“Litore’s vibrant writing . . . rips the lid off of the King James version and reveals to us a world of intense human hopes, dreams and pathos, with a liberal dose of horror seething in the shadows. You’ve never seen anything like this before.” – Richard Ellis Preston, Jr., author of Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders

[About No Lasting Burial]: “Intensely troubling and sharply beautiful. I highly anticipate the opportunity to reread it.” – Timothy Widman, Wandering Paths

[About No Lasting Burial]: “Nothing about this novel was phoned-in. Even parts of the story that we already knew by heart were revealed brilliantly with the gentle hand of a master surgeon. And Litore told the story his way. I found it refreshing, respectful, and loving.” – James Garcia, Jr., author of Seeing Ghosts

“Gruesome and human and lyrical and horrible, The Zombie Bible is like nothing you have ever read. Once you’re in, you’ll stay.” –  S.G. Redling, author of Flowertown and Damocles

“Stant rebuilds the zombie mythology from the ground up.” – Rob Kroese, author of Mercury Falls and Schrodinger’s Gat

“What Litore has done … I call it the de-sanitisation of the gospel: a visceral, messy, human take on a message of a visceral and tangible hope.” – Siku, creator of The Manga Bible and Drink It!

“Like Cormac McCarthy’s novels, I Will Hold My Death Close does not pull its punches. A beautiful, brilliant tale, it offers a pretty bleak picture of the human condition and the human struggle against the terrors of this world.” – Andrew Hallam, Ph.D., Metropolitan State University of Denver


ISBN 978-1942458104.
109 pages.
Cover art by Lauren K. Cannon.

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