Ansible: Season Three


Paperback. Sahira (a twenty-fifth century bisexual hijabi superheroine) and her band of time travelers cross space and time to defend humanity from the last dark.

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In a future where humanity is a refugee species, can refugees from the past save us?

The pneumavores (“soul eaters”) have taken the earth and have spread to every planet humanity has ever touched. Now a Syrian refugee, a thirteenth-century librarian, and a hijabi shapeshifter from the far future must travel across space and time to defend humanity from this intergalactic and devouring evil.

They’ll find allies: A wheelchair gunslinger from far-future Beijing. A legion of women soldiers wielding Spinning Saws that can slice through predators that only barely exist inside our universe. A strange child-empath who can hear all of humanity’s suffering at every instant in history. A firestarter-goddess from our prehistory. Together, they will face a species that travels across time and feeds on terror itself.

Their battle for our survival begins today.

Ansible: Season Three includes the eighth, ninth, and tenth Ansible stories: “Ansible: Rasha’s Letter,” “Ansible: Falling from the Sky,” and “Ansible: Knocking at the Door.”


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Looking for an audiobook edition? Amy McFadden reads Ansible: Season Three.


“For the reader, this work has unfolded like a mandala flower, deeds across time and space creating a 4-dimensional poem of beauty, and strength, and resolve, and refusal to let the candle go out in the dark. Because, as another favorite book reminds us, the dark is ever rising. In this case, the dark comes in the form of beings that feed on and farm minds for their ability to suffer. They are the soul eaters. They are terrible. They can barely be seen. But they can surely be fought. And in this third book, maybe they can even be beaten. This story has taken us all across God’s Mosaic, and in the end it leaves us at a door. What does it leave us with? Renewed hope. Light as a feather. Bright as a candle. A dream, burning in the dark. Hope for a tomorrow worth living in.” – O.E. Tearmann, author of The Hands We’re Given


ISBN 978-1732086975.
320 pages.
Cover art by Stevie Rae.


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