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A Humble Request

A humble request. Will you join my Patreon membership ( It’s the engine that funds everything I do. It gets you complimentary copies of the ebooks, the opportunity to get signed books, sneak previews of everything that’s coming up next … and it keeps my daughter fed and medicated and my creative work funded. It’s also an outrageous amount of fun. I ask folks to join me at $5, but really, the membership fee can be whatever you would like. It’s up to you. And you get to hear me tell you stories. So if my work moves you or entertains you, if you enjoy what I do, will you come be a part of it? We’d be glad to have you! There are 115 of us in this Patreon family, and we hope to one day be 1,000. That would be a big campfire to sit around and would fund a lot of stories!

The link:

I hope to see you there!

Stant Litore

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