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Cover Reveal! Dwarves and Dragons, Starships and Cyborgs…

Officially out Monday but quietly available here right now is Dante’s Heart: The Full Saga. I am pleased to share with you a peek at the gorgeous cover by artist Novae Caelum!

Dante's Heart cover

Depicted here are two characters from the saga. Fang Yu is a cyborg knight defending humanity’s descendants in their pilgrimage across the stars. Defending them primarily from pirates, I should add. She literally duels pirate-boarders on the exterior hull of their spacecraft, shooting out titanium nets and wires and other weaponry from her wrists.

Badass in an entirely different way is her companion Siwatu, a necromancer rescued from the hold of an interstellar pirate ship. Trained on Old Earth, Siwatu can give rest to angry ghosts, singing them lullabies in the endless dark until they are at peace — but it comes at a terrible cost to him, as great fungi burst from his spine, malignant growths that devour the sins of the dead as he sings and then must be carved away from his body.

Fang Yu’s great longing is to retain and recall the memories that matter to her, memories so often lost over the millennia as her body is burned in battle and then repaired and repaired and repaired; Siwatu’s greatest yearning is to find a place that is silent, without any ghosts of the past screaming in his ears, and to find someone to share that place with. Join their journey here.

Stant Litore

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