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To Move the Hearts of 1000 Readers

Still life of a beautiful old book and a rose in a wineglass

When a community of well over 100 avid readers came together to support my fiction on Patreon, it meant the world to me. Not just because it happened at a time when my family was in medical and financial crisis, but because finding such a community and kindling their hearts with stories was what I set out to do with my fiction in the first place.

I want to write stories that move people’s hearts and make them cry and give them hope when hope is hard to have. When I started publishing novels and short stories back in 2011, someone asked me what “success” would look like to me. I said, “If I move the hearts of a thousand readers, then my stories have done their work.”

Now I want to build a community of 1000 readers in my Patreon family.

Patreon is a monthly membership that allows me to keep my stories independent and keep them coming — and gives you backstage access to the stories you love!

If you’ve been moved by my books or my posts — come be a part of this! Membership dues are whatever you set: be it a dollar or two a month, or five dollars (the cost of one overpriced latte), or more. And you get the books. You get in on their development, on the early sketches for art and illustrations, and you get to read the new stories long before they are released to the public. Come join us! If I can move 1000 readers, who knows what these stories can do in the world?

Stant Litore

Stant Litore is a novelist. He writes about gladiators on tyrannosaurback, Old Testament prophets battling the hungry dead, geneticists growing biological starships, time-traveling hijabi bisexual defenders of humanity from the future. Explore his fiction here. And here is one of his toolkits for writers, and here’s another book where he nerds out about ancient languages and biblical (mis)translation. Enjoy!

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