Meet a Time-Traveling, Shapeshifting Hijabi Defender of Humanity



Her name is Sahira.
And she is our last hope.

She is the time-traveling, shapeshifting hijabi defender of humanity you meet in the second season of Ansible, striving across time and space to protect our descendants from the most unexpected and dangerous threat our species has ever faced.

This portrait of Sahira by artist Lauren K. Cannon will be featured as the cover art for The Fiction of Stant Litore, a hardcover gift edition to be released at the end of this year; the edition is entirely funded by my Patreon members. I am elated to have another cover from Lauren, and I thought you might like an early look!

For the daring among you: you can explore the Ansible universe here (in paperback, kindle, or audiobook):

Season One | Season Two

More big news: The first episode of Season Three — Ansible: Rasha’s Letter — arrives in May 2017!

Stant Litore

P.S. These 3 books (below) are on sale for 3 more days!

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