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“Being Human”: Some People Do it So Right


I am so happy. My friend just received acceptance into college. Fadi is one of my favorite people — and one of Inara’s, too. He is one of the kindest men I’ve ever known, and a man of fierce faith and fierce dreams. He has lived as an orphan and refugee (often in desperate fear for his life) since he was six months old, has lived in six countries, knows eight languages. He spent his teen years in slave labor to a family in a refugee camp. He came to the States less than two years ago; in the time since, he has graduated high school and now he will be going to college to study medicine. There are few human beings I admire more. He has never relinquished his dreams. And no matter what infernos he has walked through, he has emerged a man with a deep and kind heart, a thirst for knowledge, and compassion for others. A man who makes Inara’s face light up with joy whenever she sees him. His is one of the stories I will be telling my grandchildren one day (and I hope he will be visiting to tell them stories, too). Grandchildren need stories about people like Fadi.

This ‘being human’ thing — some people do it right. Some people do it so right.

Stant Litore

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