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Muslim Telepaths Save the World

I was delighted to see this tweet from an Islamic Studies scholar I know at the University of Denver, this morning:


I hadn’t thought of it that way (“Muslim telepaths saving the world”), but I love the description — and I am continually delighted by how readers choose to describe this unusual, weird, and beautiful series.

And it’s true: Ansible: Season Two is here. The paperback is available now, and the kindle edition will be available Monday (you can pre-order it now). Here’s what it’s about:

“The battlefleets burn and blacken in the infinite day of space…”

The previous Ansibles found themselves marooned, but Zahid, last survivor of “Ansible 15718,” commands an interstellar fleet, and Sahira, the psionic savant we meet in “Ansible: Night Land” and “Ansible: Strike Force,” will take the battle to the pneumavores, humanity’s fiercest predators.

In Season Two of Ansible, humanity’s last conflict continues to blossom open, dark fire and dark flower, torching all of time and space. These are your descendants’ stories. Their cries in the dark. They are not to be missed.


“Litore’s stories aren’t only entertaining. They are stories invading our lives, unexpectedly. You encounter them, as you might encounter people. They are those random elements in life that happen to you, like a mugging, like childbirth, like falling in love and marriage, like death and the funeral that follows. They are moments that leave a mark, and leave you changed.” – Andrew Hallam, Ph.D., Metropolitan State University of Denver

“Stant eloquently writes passages that are so moving, full of passion, fury, loneliness, blind drive … He takes us to places of amazing beauty, awe-inspiring, as well as places where the implications in the story can leave you almost in despair for the human race.” – Nikki Ebright, Director, Myths & Legends Con

And if you’re new to the series, check out Ansible: Season One.


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