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Recent conversations with my wife:

Wife: “Yes, I met him. It was at that party where that one student kept hitting on you.”
Me: “Wait, what? Who was hitting on me?”

Wife: “One of my art history professors spent the entire semester talking about Joseph W. Campbell; it got old. It was the same instructor who spent the whole class flirting with you that time you visited.”
Me: “What? She did?”

Just call me oblivious…

But can you blame me? I mean, Jessica was in the room. You don’t notice a candle when the sun is lighting up the whole sky.

Stant Litore

Stant Litore is a novelist. He writes about gladiators on tyrannosaurback, Old Testament prophets battling the hungry dead, geneticists growing biological starships, time-traveling hijabi bisexual defenders of humanity from the future. Explore his fiction here. And here is one of his toolkits for writers, and here’s another book where he nerds out about ancient languages and biblical (mis)translation. Enjoy!

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