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You Are Welcome Here

This is the end of a train of thought that started with a brief conversation yesterday. I am a devout Christian, and my wife is Pagan, and passionately so. When I think of my four closest friends, they are an atheist, an agnostic, and two Christians. I teach classes on the Bible, comparative religions, and writing. I write; I father; I husband. I won’t speak for my wife (she can do that), but I often have the curious impression that there is some war going on all around us and somehow people expect us to be on different “sides,” but she and I didn’t get the memo.

Or possibly we are just too busy. Living fierce lives of faith and raising children and making beautiful things … no one told us how hard and energy-consuming these matters are…

In any event, you are all welcome to my blog, to my Facebook community, to my books, to my online house. I believe passionately that we are called (whether we respond or no) to live as the incarnate hands and feet of God in the world, telling stories of hope and redemption, and loving others fiercely and without conditions or qualifications. So one of the things I do is share stories and encourage others to, also. Because love (actual love) begins with the hearing of others’ stories. If you love, and if you enjoy stories and enjoy them fiercely and want to hear others’ stories, that makes you part of my tribe, and welcome at my fire for as long as it burns.

Stant Litore

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