The Zombie Bible

The Zombie Bible revisits biblical and early church stories, making them raw and shocking and beautiful again, by retelling them as incidents in humanity’s long struggle against hunger…and against the hungry dead. The zombies aren’t just an addition, as you see in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; instead, this is a reworking of the old stories so that you can encounter them as though you have never heard them before. These novels peel away everything you’ve been taught to expect. These are not stained-glass stories. These are not pamphlets, and these are not your parents’ Sunday school stories. These novels are bloody and heartfelt. They are not for the faint of heart. They are powerful.

Come try one.

The Zombie Bible
Death Has Come Up into Our Windows (2011)
What Our Eyes Have Witnessed (2011)
Strangers in the Land (2012)
No Lasting Burial (2013)
I Will Hold My Death Close (2014)
By a Slender Thread (forthcoming, 2018)

NEW in The Zombie Bible:

IWHMDC_LitoreA haunting retelling of the Old Testament story of Jepthah’s daughter.

Marked for sacrifice by her own father, a young woman must rely on only her wits and troubled memories of her mother’s faith to survive. She flees to the hills, knowing her father and his stone blade may appear at any time to claim her—while the unburied dead of her people also hunt her in the low ravines.

But she remembers how her mother once stood bravely against the dead. And now, in her long flight in the dark, Jepthah’s daughter will hold her own death close so that no one can take it from her.

The centuries to come will not remember her name. But generations of young women will climb the hills to remember her.

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What if you were locked in an empty well, and once a day, your tormentors threw a zombie in after you?

That is what happens to the biblical prophet Jeremiah in this riveting tale of zombie horror and dark spirituality. A vast army lies encamped about Jeremiah’s city, and a rebellious king has closed the city gates, locking in the living and the dead together. Only one man can see that the dead will overwhelm the city. Only one man can hear the quiet weeping of his God behind her veil in the temple. Only one man will stand against the evils practiced in a dying city.

But the things he sees and the things he must do will call into question every promise he has made, every duty he has sworn—to his wife, his God, and his city.

Death Has Come Up into Our Windows reimagines an Old Testament story as a prophet’s last stand against hunger…and the hungry dead.

Kindle | Paperback

“[Death Has Come Up into Our Windows] …retells the story of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah, but replaces the leprosy victims and some of the heathen armies with the walking dead. The result is something heartbreaking and wonderful.” –

#2 on Amazon’s Horror bestseller list for the Kindle (December 2011)


What if you had a gift to bring rest to the restless dead?

No one in ancient Rome knows why the dead are rising to devour their families. The patrician class thinks the dead hunger because the new cult of Christianity is depriving Roman tombs of their proper rites. But Father Polycarp, who faces the walking corpses in the dirty alleys and tenements of Rome’s ghetto district, believes the dead rise because the living died hungry. Confronting the ghouls in the dark hours, he can gaze into their eyes and see their stories, see everything they craved in life.

And he believes he can help, but the stress of gazing into all those souls may rip him apart.

And that’s if Rome doesn’t burn him for it first.

What Our Eyes Have Witnessed gives you a tale of the early church and the decline of Rome…but not as you have ever seen it before.

Kindle | Paperback

“Stant rebuilds the zombie mythology from the ground up.” – Rob Kroese, author of Mercury Falls

“I still can’t get over the beautiful horror of Litore’s writing.” – Jennifer Bielman, Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy


Four must stand against the dead: 

Hurriya, the slave girl.
Zadok, a legend among warriors.
Barak, who has heard the dead moaning in his vineyards.
And the aging prophetess, Devora.

The visions Devora has seen terrify her: a future of zombies overwhelming the tents of her People. But she fears the past even more. She was there when her mother was pulled screaming from her tent by the unclean dead. And when her mother rose later, famished for flesh, it was Devora’s hand that ended her hunger.

Now Devora will ride north against the dead with those she fears most beside her. Yet the strangers in the land must stand together if they are to rid their homes of the curse.

Strangers in the Land retells a bloody tale from the biblical book of Judges, vividly reimagining the years following the brutal conquest of a promised land.

Kindle | Paperback

“Saying Strangers in the Land is a zombie book is like saying that Pride and Prejudice is a romance novel instead of one of the most brilliant stories I’ve ever read.” —Guerilla Wordfare

“One of those books I was clutching and just couldn’t stop turning the pages.” —Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

“To say I loved this book would be an understatement. I could not put it down and felt my heart pounding against my ribcage as the characters raced across the land in an attempt to catch up with the hordes of unseeing and insatiable dead…” —

“Beyond the rich historical background and the desperate fight for survival, Strangers in the Land is a story about otherness, what it means to be a ‘stranger’… Far from being ‘just another zombie book’, it is a remarkably clear look at what it means to impose a system of inequality among a culture.” —




What if Jesus of Nazareth had faced both the hungry living and the hungry dead?

A man wanders out of the desert one day and finds a village in ruins after a night of the walking dead. The survivors have thrown the snarling corpses into the Sea of Galilee, only to starve as the ghoul-haunted sea stops producing fish.

Yeshua has heard their hunger. He hears the suffering of the living and the dead, like moaning in his ears. Desperate to respond, he calls back the fish.

Just one thing:

The dead are called up, too.

No Lasting Burial ushers readers into a vivid and visceral re-interpretation of the Gospel of Luke and the legend of the Harrowing of Hell. The hungry dead will rise and walk, and readers may never look at these stories the same way again.

Kindle | Paperback

“Litore already has a track record for writing moving, emotional stories that don’t overlook the horrifying zombie violence that makes the genre what it is, and he continues that in No Lasting Burial. The action is intense, as are the characters and the way they interact.” – Justin Gaines

“Stant Litore’s No Lasting Burial should not have engaged me as deeply as it did. The atmospheric setting is what did it — and I’m intrigued by the idea of reinterpreting the Gospel of Luke as a zombie tale.” – K. Tempest Bradford, NPR

“Stant Litore’s No Lasting Burial is an amazing book on many levels…The book reads like a run-away express train. It is a tremendously gripping tale, perfect for setting your teeth on edge and reading with manic energy far into the night. I found No Lasting Burial both intensely troubling and sharply beautiful. I highly anticipate the opportunity to reread it.” – Timothy Widman, Wandering Paths


I am currently at work on By a Slender Thread, an epic-length novel in which one courageous woman will lead thousands of refugees from a burning, zombie-infested Rome. I am posting regular updates to my Patreon feed as I work on the project. Currently, I expect to release this novel in 2018.



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