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Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget: An Intensive Online Course on Character Development

Writers: Please join me, and spread the word! This April, hosted by Scribophile, I will be teaching a four-week online intensive course on character development, Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget, based on my acclaimed Toolkits for Fiction Writers. The final week of the course will include intensive workshopping of your character arc by me and by your peers. It’s going to be a unique learning experience, and you will leave having transformed the way you approach developing and discovering your fictional characters! Find out more here.

Get personal feedback on your characters. Be able to bring your characters to high-stakes choices, and involve your readers in the emotion and tension of those choices. Learn how to tighten your pacing and plotting, identify where you’ve left gaps, where you’ve taken too long, and where there are additional opportunities for both nuance and suspense in your character’s journey as they struggle to become (or remain) who they need to be. Create characters your readers will never forget.

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