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Black Friday – The Ships Stand at the Shore

Black Friday: The Ships Stand at the Shore

All ebooks 25% off when you purchase directly from the author.

Stant litore puppes – “the ships stand at the shore.” The meaning behind my pen name is the story that beats at the heart of every work of fiction or nonfiction I’ve written. The city may be in flames behind you and you may be fleeing in the night, but ahead of you, someone is calling back, “Hurry! Hurry! The ships stand at the shore! The anchors are already up!” Once you embark on the wine-dark sea during your dark night, you can’t know where the waves will take you or what awaits you on the further shore. Perhaps you’ll find a new home. Perhaps you’ll found Rome. Ash is fertile, and forests grow from battlefields.

I invite you to come explore both my alien, fictional worlds and the nonfiction in which I take ancient texts and make them strange again. Great reads await.

Stant Litore

All ebooks in the sale are available as MOBI kindle editions (and most as EPUB, as well); you can email the ebook to your e-reader’s email address or transfer it to your device by USB connection. If you love my work, leave a tip and help me make more of it!

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