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The Plague of Kaiju Frog

One day, I am going to write the version of the Exodus story in which Egypt, rather than being plagued by millions of tiny frogs, is hit by one giant, hungry, Kaiju Frog. Leaping past the pyramids at Giza and alarming the night with its thunderous croak! Hopping to crash into the roof of Pharaoh’s palace, mistaking the sun-heated brick for a colossal lilypad. Long-tongued, slurping up citizens like flies.

(This post brought to you because a friend reminded me of how in Hebrew, the singular rather than the plural is used for the Plague of Frog.)


P.S. Want more language-and-the-bible nerdiness? You’ll want this book, Lives of Unforgetting:

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  1. Hurry! Cant wait!

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