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The Next Stant Litore Story is Here! (RAWR!)



“Thunder in space. We make it, the tyrannosaur and I, his great, taloned feet pounding down the long meters of this arena. I am whooping and laughing on his back, and though dozens of hovercraft flash with camera lights and floodlights of a dozen colors rush about me, no one can stop me. This is my moment. Mine and his.”

I am so pleased to announce that the new Stant Litore story is here! Samuel Peralta’s anthology Jurassic Chronicles, in which I join Victor Milán, Seanan McGuire, and other marvelous storytellers to bring you tyrannosaurs, triceratops, and other wonders of lost worlds past and future, is just $0.99 this first week. Spread the word! Get your copy! Enjoy the stories!

This story is set in the same universe as The Running of the Tyrannosaurs (2014) and Nyota’s Tyrannosaur, a novel forthcoming next year. Enjoy!


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