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“It’s Against my Religion” is a Shallow Excuse for Discrimination

With Congress talking over FADA, I just want to point out that regardless of one’s personal opinions on the matter or the opinions of one’s community, there is no religious text on this planet that I am aware of that expressly mandates denying services to people you don’t approve of. I could be wrong. But I am fairly certain, at least, that when Yeshua (Jesus) fed the 5,000 with a few bread loaves and fish, he didn’t first separate out the gay Hebrews and tell them to go home unfed. And when he healed the citizens of the Galilee far into the hours of the night, I don’t recall reading that he turned away the lesbians at the door. Nor did he ask for anyone’s papers. There was no qualifying test of religious sect, gender, sexual orientation, marriage status, or national pride that had to be passed to get either the bread or the healing.

Stant Litore

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