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It’s 1160 BC, and the Dead are Coming

“When you see another’s face — the face of a child, or of someone hungry or hurt, someone pleading for your love — their eyes look back. You look at them. They look at you. Only the dead don’t look back.”

SITLcoverIt is 1160 BC. For years, the prophet Devora has blamed other tribes for the hunger of the dead and the gruesome death of her mother. But this day will bring her both tidings of a swarm of the dead greater than any she has ever known and a supplicant who will shatter every hard shell she has formed around her heart: Hurriya, who has carried her infant across the length of ancient Israel in search of a miraculous cure. Hurriya, a refugee from the tribes Devora has hated. Hurriya, who is receiving terrifying visions of the future—like Devora’s own.

In the nights to come, all strangers in the land must stand together if they are to survive.

Strangers in the Land is back on the kindle, and better than ever — get your copy here. This Silver Edition will be in paperback in the next couple of weeks, in time for the holidays.

“To say I loved this book would be an understatement. I could not put it down.” – The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Beyond the rich historical background and the desperate fight for survival, Strangers in the Land is a story about otherness, what it means to be a ‘stranger’ … Far from being ‘just another zombie book’, it is a remarkably clear look at what it means to impose a system of inequality among a culture.” –

“Stant rebuilds the zombie mythology from the ground up.” – Rob Kroese, author of Mercury Falls and Schrodinger’s Gat

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