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“Taking the Absurd and the Sacred and Stabbing You in the Heart with It”

I just received this review for the digital box set edition of The Zombie Bible, and it has made my whole day:

“I’ve read three out of the five novels included in this omnibus edition, and the main reason I haven’t devoured the last two is because I have this habit of saving my desserts. Litore’s writing is deep, dark, yet full of meaning and hope. When I read his work, I am transported to another time, another place, where a heart beats fast and a soul is stretched with keen longings and fierce determination. It’s so rich that I hesitate to read the rest, knowing that I will only have one chance at reading it for the first time. I want to savor it. I want it to last. It’s the same reason I still haven’t read the latest two books by Lois McMaster Bujold: I know once I read those, I’m caught up. And then the waiting begins.

“But for anyone who hasn’t given Stant Litore a try, this is your perfect opportunity. Five Zombie Bible books in one! Explore the ancient Middle East, ancient Rome, oh — and see a piece of the story of Jesus and his disciples told like you’ve never seen it before: with hordes of the hungry dead clawing to drag you into the sea. Yeah. You wouldn’t think those two things would go together, but Litore has a knack for taking the absurd and the sacred and stabbing you in the heart with it.”

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(I’m also tickled at and honored by the implicit comparison; I am a huge fan of Lois McMaster Bujold’s fiction.)

Get your copy of The Zombie Bible here — all five volumes for just $9.99!

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