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Celebrating 4 Powerful Years

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It’s time to celebrate! Tomorrow is October 5, 2015. That is the four-year anniversary of my first novel. It’s when the first Zombie Bible volume was published and bought by a paying reader.

And look how it’s grown!

With five whole volumes, it’s become quite the lurching, beautiful child.

The series has sold, in total, some 27,000 copies — not a lot by industry standards, but enough to make me proud of it, and it has gathered quite a loyal audience.

I have a red notebook here at home in which I keep copies of fan letters, lovely reviews, and all the times someone wrote to me to say “Regina’s story made me cry. I am so, so glad you wrote it.” I’ve heard from Lutheran ministers, Jewish romance writers, atheists, agnostics, Wiccans, a few Muslims, a Buddhist, Catholics, who all shared their love of the books, which touches my heart.

What I hope this means is that in this series, I have found a way to let very ancient religious stories ignite our hearts — whoever and wherever we are — and kindle in us tough questions and powerful, wrenching experiences, without merely sending us up our usual towering inferno of politics and prejudices.

I let them be stories again.

Powerful stories again.

If I have accomplished a small part of that, or if these books have helped a few readers accomplish it, then I am pleased.

So I am a happy dad of two lovely children who will shake the world and of this lovely series that has shaken a few hearts. And tomorrow is its birthday.

Tomorrow I’ll probably post some big announcement or other, but tonight, early, I’m dropping the new kindle “box set” (all five volumes in one) to $6.99 for this season, to make it easier for new readers to meet the books for the first time, and for readers who’ve been here since 2011 to gift them to friends, family, dates, etc. I *might* keep the price low through Christmas; who knows?

So if you would like an evocative and powerful read tonight (and for many nights yet to come), come pick this up!

It is a LOT of story for $6.99; it represents four years of publishing and eight years of work; and I have yet to meet anyone who read it and was unaffected by it. (Mostly this means that people really loved them, or were unnerved and loved them anyway, but a few times it did mean someone threw them at a wall in a fury. They made an impression.)

So: $6.99. 5 ebooks. Around 1300 pages. And may you emerge from these stories differently than when you went in. Come buy them! Come read them!

The Silver Edition (digital) box set:

To all of you: Enjoy the ride!

To my books: Happy birthday.

Stant Litore

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