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Update: Inara and MALCon

Here’s a new round of Stant Litore photos!

First: Inara is CONQUERING. Look how mobile she has become!

She knows it, too. Just look at her eyes. Ready to eat the world.

This weekend was amazing – I was the Author Guest of Honor at Myths & Legends Con (MALCon) locally. It was a blast!

In that last photo, I’m hanging out with Keith DeCandido, another Special Guest at the con, and a madly energetic author who has written in every fandom you can think of. I may have finally met a writer with more energy than me!

Sold and signed so many books, and I taught classes for emerging fiction writers and for fans. (In one, artist Chaz Kemp, the participants, and I created a map of an imaginary world together.) Also stayed up to 2 am reading and performing for fans, so if you see me in the next few days and I sound very, very hoarse – I promise, I’m not contagiously sick! I actually feel on top of the world. I just need to soothe my throat with honeyed tea for a few days – I might have overdone it a wee bit.

So much fun! Loved MALCon, and I can’t wait to return next year. Kudos to Nikki Ebright and to her ferocious team of volunteers: I don’t think I have ever been so well supported and taken care of by the volunteers and staff, at any other event. A whole team of superheroes. I’m profoundly impressed.

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