Why I Admire My Wife So Fiercely


My wife struggles with fibromyalgia. That means chronic pain, and it is no joke. Imagine your skin feeling as though it is burning, everywhere, roughly ninety percent of the time. Some days, the touch of a hand feels like a touch from a torch. Some days, she wakes in crippling pain and goes to bed in crippling pain, and I read to her to lull her to sleep. That is what my wife deals with. Yet she is on her feet, managing Inara’s multiple therapies, parenting River, cleaning house, creating stunning photography, and designing artwork and campaigns around epilepsy awareness or running fundraisers to support local families who are losing their children to epilepsy-related illnesses. That is my wife. I admire her so fiercely.

Jessica, my dear one, I love you.

Stant Litore


Jessica Jessica_and_Inara

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