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The Years the Locusts Hath Eaten

“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.”

That’s from my reading in Joel tonight. Going to let that passage roll around in my brain and my heart for a while. It is a powerful hope and a powerful promise. I was raised on a farm (though in a part of the world that lacks enormous swarms of locusts) and I have some sense of just how enormous this bit of poetry actually is. I will just let it sit in my heart for a while.

“Our father did not promise a life without pain,” Yeshua murmured. “Not without pain. Only that he would weep with us. Only that his heart would break. Only that he would take each moment of suffering, each death, each, and hold it in his hands, and . . . and bring from it something, something even more beautiful than what was lost. A forest of cedar grows from a field of ash, and each seed, every seed must fall to the earth, fall and fall and crack open and die before it can become a barley plant.” – No Lasting Burial

Stant Litore

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