When Zombies and the Bible Collide: An Author Interview with Stant Litore


A great interview of me that author Thomas A. Fowler conducted. I talk about zombies, fiction, publishing, Patreon, and not being an ass. Come read it!


Author Stant Litore is celebrating the release of his latest work, I Will Hold My Death Close. Another entry in his highly successful Zombie Bible Series. The book is available in eBook and Audio version, published through 47North. Litore shared IWHMDC_Litorea one-word review of the book with pride, in which the reviewer simply said “weird.” The series brings zombies into bizarre retellings of biblical stories. Litore answered a number of questions, a baker’s dozen to be precise, below is what unfolded with the purveyor of the undead.

 1. With the release of I Will Hold My Death Close, where does this take the Zombie Bible Series?

Somewhere deeply personal and intimate—to a first-person narrative of a very young woman whose father has sworn an oath to sacrifice. This story has a tighter scope: you spend all of it right there in the wilderness with that young woman, so close you can…

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