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A Year on Fire

When I step back and look at all of my confirmed 2014 releases (so far), all of them highly reviewed… I will remember this as the year of a LOT OF WRITING. By all that’s holy and beautiful, a LOT of writing. I usually do one or two releases a year.

Evidently, this year I am on fire.

litore_nlb_small1  Ansible Ansible15716_small Dantes_Heart  IWHMDC_Litore

No Lasting Burial, originally released in serial episodes, was released in full by 47North in April 2014. Ansible 15715, a Westmarch Publishing release, made its appearance at the end of April to considerable acclaim, and Ansible 15716 in June. I Will Hold My Death Close will be forthcoming from 47North on August 26 (available for pre-order now) in a kindle edition and in an audiobook narrated by the wonderful actress Amy McFadden, and Dante’s Heart is forthcoming from Westmarch Publishing in October.

Lest I forget, I’m also included in this 2014-released omnibus:


And in January, I helped my friend Christine Emmert release her lyrical take on the Middle Ages and the search for paradise:


No wonder I feel breathless!

Stay tuned … more to come.

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  1. Kudos, Stant! That’s a heck of an output for a single year.

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