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New Release from Stant Litore!

Ansible15716_smallIt’s true. The second of the Ansible Stories is here. You can read it and enjoy it even if you haven’t read the first Ansible story, though if you’ve already read Ansible 15715, I think your enjoyment will be increased.

Ansible 15715 was sent to a nightmare world that threatened to devour her, a world of endless dark. But the Ansible 15716 team is sent to a planet that burns beneath a white-hot sun … a saline desert where immense objects loom on the horizon, completely buried beneath a hundred meters of salt.

When this team’s sole survivor finds himself stranded in an alien body, among an alien race, he must search for some connection with home — or for some connection with this desert species, on a planet so vast, it makes the mind itself a desert.

Read Ansible 15716 here.

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