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Putting the Community back into Storytelling


Storytelling is a communal act. Our ancestors sat around a fire sharing tales and giving each other chills. My Patreon membership is a way to use modern-day patronage to achieve that again. It means taking writing fiction from something that just happens on a dining room table to something that happens around a community fire or a community table, with boisterous laughter and shared tears. And that’s how it should be.

If you’re the kind of reader who has always wished you could sit down on a porch with one of your favorite writers to just listen to the rain and ask them that question you’ve always had or even just hear them spin out new ideas, then you belong here. That’s the kind of connection I want with my readers; that’s the kind of connection I want with you.

It is like a book club — the best book club in the world, not only because you’re getting regular new stories, but because you get to chat with the author all along the way.

Patreon provides a wonderful platform for this, and for inviting your support of my stories (in the form of a monthly subscription). When you become one of my Patreon members, you get backstage access to the stories I’m working on, and your patronage funds great new books like these — and helps me keep them risky and independent, the way they should be!

Patreon is making it possible for me to spend more of my time and energy doing what matters most to me: creating great stories, and interacting with great readers.

Will you join me? To join my membership, it only costs the price of a venti way-too-many-ingredients-in-it latte with whip cream, and you get a lot. I hope you’ll come take a look and considering joining my early members. If nothing else, this is going to be a very exciting experiment, and you’re going to want in on it.

Here’s the scoop:

And you can learn more about the Patreon platform for memberships to support the arts here:


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