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The Zombie Bible gets a mention over at NPR

Surprised by a mention over at NPR…

K. Tempest Bradford shared her five picks for John W. Campbell award nominees in an NPR article today, and to my surprise and delight, my recent release No Lasting Burial was one of them! You can read Bradford’s article here:

Bradford wrote that she was selecting “stories built from the elements of great SF: Prose that isn’t just competent, but engaging, surprising, and alive. Ideas that delve deep into the themes the authors are exploring. Characters that crawl right up off the page and yank you into their worlds.”

The chances of becoming a finalist and official nominee are slim, but today’s NPR mention — and learning that at least one prominent editor/writer had selected me as one of her picks in the first-round nominations — definitely made my week.

More generally, I’ve been really pleased with and surprised by the good reviews, the good mentions, and the growing fanship around my novels. I am not a “well-known” writer, but it has turned out that I am a well-loved one by those who know my stories. I am delighted at that.

Time to write some more stories!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to read No Lasting Burial, check here. It is out in kindle, and the audiobook and paperback editions will be released on April 8 and are available for preorder.

I also highly recommend the FREE Campbellian Anthology, which is only available to download for a few more weeks; the Campbellian Anthology offers a vast sampling of the newest science fiction and fantasy, with fiction from 111 writers who are eligible for the Campbell and a word count that would make George R.R. Martin blush. This is the anthology that the picks in the NPR article are drawn from, and you can find it here.

Stant Litore

3 thoughts on “The Zombie Bible gets a mention over at NPR

  1. Awesome!

  2. I am so pleased to know you are receiving serious attention for this work. It is awesome, and so deserves this!

  3. Good for you, Stant. I’m sorry I had this post in my Inbox so long before commenting/visiting. Everything is a time-suck these days for me, it seems. I’m sure you understand.
    I can totally see where readers are seeing your writing as being something truly special. Best wishes as always with your writing. Eventually you will be big, my friend. I have no doubt about it.


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