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This Winter’s 2 Must-Read Novels

And the results are in. My two favorite reads from this winter are:

arecommend_Morganfield THE BONE FLOWER THRONE by TL Morganfield.

Aztecs. And that title. And a strong, unique heroine. A completely different take on religion and magic. What’s not to like?

You can get the novel here.


arecommend_VanderMeer ANNIHILATION by Jeff VanderMeer.

When is the last time you read a work of speculative fiction and, page after page, your internal response was “Wow… wow… wow…”

This book.

You can get it here.

Seriously, if you’re following my blog, I’ll consider you to be just lollygagging about and not paying any real attention if you don’t go read these two novels. They’re good. Really, really good.

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