The Zombie Bible
Death Has Come Up into Our Windows (2011)
What Our Eyes Have Witnessed (2011)
Strangers in the Land (2012)
No Lasting Burial (2013)
I Will Hold My Death Close (2014)

Ansible: Season One (2015)
Ansible: Season Two (2016)

Other Fiction
The Running of the Tyrannosaurs (2014)
Dante’s Heart (2014)

In Anthologies
“The Dark Need,” in The Dead Man, Vol. 7 (2013)
“They Make Me Dance,” in Ancient Enemies (2016)

Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget
Lives of Unstoppable Hope: Living the Beatitudes

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Stant Litore’s series The Ansible Stories imagines Islamic explorers transferring their minds across time and space — and often marooned in alien bodies on alien worlds.

Q. When is the next Ansible story arriving?
The complete second season is now available on kindle, paperback, and audiobook. I have not yet set a date for releasing Ansible: Season Three, which is currently in development.


Stant Litore’s series The Zombie Bible retells biblical stories as episodes in humanity’s long struggle against hunger…and the hungry dead.

Q. What order should I read the books in?
As each story takes place in a different time, you can actually read them in any order. For those interested, here is the order in which the books have been written:

1. Death Has Come Up into Our Windows (first released October 2011)
2. What Our Eyes Have Witnessed (first released December 2011)
3. Strangers in the Land (first released October 2012)
4. No Lasting Burial (first released April 2014)
5. I Will Hold My Death Close (first released in August 2014)

If you like action and high epic, you should read Strangers in the Land; If you like gutwrenching psychological horror, you should start with Death Has Come up into Our Windows.

With the release of the ‘director’s-cut’ Silver Edition, all five volumes will be available in paperback and ebook (both .mobi and .epub formats). Audiobook editions are expected in 2017.

The sixth story in the series, By a Slender Thread, will be an epic-length novel set in ancient Rome; I’m currently deep in the writing of it.

Q. What is The Zombie Bible? Is it a parody? No. It is edgy but not irreverent. This is literary horror in the vein of the original, black-and-white Night of the Living Dead.

“Imagine sitting at a fire on a winter night and a man is warming his hands and telling you stories from the Bible, except the storyteller is Poe. And you’ll have some idea what this series is like.”

Q. Why this particular mashup, zombies and the Bible?
The Zombie Bible combines two things I love: zombie horror and the old biblical stories, which are horror stories and wonder stories. We’ve largely forgotten that in the US because the stories have become so encrusted with politics. But the stories were written to amaze us, or shock us, or move us. A crucifixion is horrific. A child sacrifice is horrific. These stories try to shock us awake and then invite us to ask really tough questions, necessary questions. I wanted to bring these stories to readers in such a way that they would horrify and amaze us again, move us again. The Bible is our greatest cultural treasure-house of stories; these stories deserve our attention, and we deserve the opportunity to let them touch our hearts and bring us to tears or anger. We deserve to experience these stories as more than just political slogans or ‘life application’ self-help messages. The shock and grief of zombie horror is a way of letting us do that. It’s a way of taking us back out into the heart of the storm on the lake, to that moment when the waves are high and the sky is crushing us down with its dark weight, God is asleep, and we are hanging on to the gunwale for dear life, learning who and what we are.

Q. Is it religious fiction?
No. At least, The Zombie Bible is definitely not what lands on the shelves of “religious fiction” in bookstores, next to Left Behind and other titles. It is fiction that wrestles — aggressively — with religion, the way Jacob wrestled with God by the river. It drinks deeply of Jewish and Christian stories and themes. The series is saturated with my own fascination with history, ethics, and religious studies. If what you’re asking is, “I am not religious, will I enjoy this?” the answer is probably “Yes.” If you are asking, “I am religious, will I enjoy this?” the answer is probably also “Yes.” The series has diverse readers.

Q. Why zombies?
The fun answer: Because I found zombie horror incredibly entertaining, back before it was cool. The serious answer: Because what better metaphor for the dangers of dealing with our own unburied past (which, if undealt with, always lurches after us to devour us), the anxieties we have about our ancestors and our traditions, and for the unsatisfied hungers and the predacity of human beings?


Q. Are you independently published or self-published?
I have been both! The first two volumes of The Zombie Bible were initially self-published in 2011. I received a very kind call from Alex Carr at Amazon Publishing a few days before Christmas 2011. He offered to acquire the series for the imprint 47North (which also brought you The Mongoliad, Resurrection, The Woodcutter, and several other recent hits in the scifi/fantasy/horror universe). I agreed, and 47North and I worked together on the series from 2012-2015.

As of late 2015, The Zombie Bible is independent again, with the release of the Silver Edition (a director’s cut) through the writers’ collaborative Westmarch Publishing. Also independent are the Ansible stories, Dante’s HeartThe Running of the Tyrannosaurs, and all of my nonfiction. All of my independent titles are funded through my Patreon membership, where readers subscribe to my work on a monthly basis and get involved behind the scenes!

If curious, you can read more of the backstory behind the early years of The Zombie Bible‘s journey from my desk to your bookshelf or kindle in my (quite personal) post “How the Kindle and KDP Helped Save My Little Girl.”

Q. I’ve heard about your Patreon membership. What is it?
Patreon is a subscription membership to my work. You get all of my fiction, and backstage access to everything I’m working on. If you’re the kind of reader who has always wished you could sit down on a porch with one of your favorite writers to just listen to the rain and ask them that question you’ve always had or even just hear them spin out new ideas, then this membership is for you. That’s the kind of connection I want with my readers.

Patreon is like a book club — the best book club in the world, not only because you’re getting regular new stories, but because you get to chat with the author all along the way.

Q. Is “Stant Litore” a pen name, and if so, where does it come from?
It is indeed, and there is definitely a story behind it. You can find that story in this video.

Q. I saw you dedicated several of your books to your daughters River and Inara. Any connection with Firefly?
Absolutely. “We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.”

Q. Can you read or edit my manuscript?
If I said ‘Yes’ to this query each time, there would have to be thirty of me… I have also worked as a developmental editor, charging for this, so regretfully, I can’t read your manuscript pro bono. Keeping my focus — and my hours — where they belong (with my family, with my writing, and with corresponding with my readers and Patreon members) is really important to me. That said, I hope you can catch me at a class! I teach writing classes at some of the cons, and I also have released Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget, which I’m told is really helpful for emerging writers. I definitely want to give back to the community of writers as much as I can, especially here, locally, in Colorado.

Q. When does your next book come out, and what is it about?
I’m glad you asked; take a look at my Current Projects page. Exciting things are about to arrive!

Q. To cross the Bridge of Death you must answer me these questions three: Whhhat is your quest? To tell great stories and move readers to tears! Whhhat is your favorite color? Purple! Whhhat is the average airborne velocity of an unladen dragon? Wait a minute, is that a Pern dragon or a Krynn dragon?


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