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New Novel from Stant Litore!

Stranded inside the hollow world where massive dinosaurs are grown for the arena, Nyota Madaki will face many perils — but she is ready. 

Inhabited by entire ecosystems of nanites, trained for strength and speed and elegance, capable of feats that would leave others broken on the forest floor, Nyota can handle anything. Anything, that is, except the sudden rush of forgotten memories into her heart. Anything but the realization of who she really is.

Luckily she won’t have to face that alone. Not with this tyrannosaur egg hatching beside her…


In the far future, young gladiators compete on tyrannosaurback aboard orbital space colosseums. I am very pleased to announce that as of today, the Tyrannosaur stories are a trilogy! (You can read them in any order.)

Nyota-cover  cover_md  ScreamingT-Rex_Final-1000

Praise for stories in this series:

“This is a pulse-pounding story, a triumph of world-building – a story of gladiatorial combat, and of bonds strange and transcendent. Without a doubt, one of the most enthralling stories I’ve come across.” – Samuel Peralta, The Future Chronicles

“Wielding elegant prose and tightly-focused characters, Stant Litore cuts deep into the science-fiction realm of bio-engineered dinosaurs and high-tech bread and circuses with a physically enhanced female gladiator whose personal tragedy is as powerful as her victories in the arena. Her story echoes in the heart long after it is told.” – Richard Ellis Preston, Jr., author of Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders

“Yet again, Mr. Litore delivers a fast paced, adrenaline-fueled adventure.” – J.A. Campbell, Jada of the Raptors

Cover art:

Nyota’s Tyrannosaur: Frankie Serna

The Running of the Tyrannosaurs: Roberto Calas

The Screaming of the Tyrannosaur: Roberto Calas

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