On Not Forgetting


This post is for my fellow Christians. If you are not Christian and wish to comment, certainly do, but please do so with respect; this is my blog, and that is all I require on it.

I am saddened. That doesn’t mean apathetic, or despairing, or outraged, or anything other than just ‘saddened.’ By the hostility toward other Christians, toward adherents to other religions, toward women, toward anyone ‘other’… By the loudness and crassness of that hostility. Often we have grown concerned with small and petty things or with upholding our own rights and privileges; we don’t bother to listen to other’s hearts or needs. Having so little faith, we become consumed with fear. Fear rides us, beats us to make us gallop faster and further from paths that go anywhere that isn’t dark.

Like the characters in ‘Once upon a Time,’ we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten what story we belong to, and whose.

All my life, I have oriented my heart by a simple code, a simple story. It is not easy, but it is simple.

1. Jesus loves me.
2. Jesus loves all the children.
3. Be like Jesus.

There are even songs I learned as a child for each of these, to remember them by. I have not forgotten them.

Do you know what word it is, that we translate “truth” in the New Testament? It is the word aletheia. It is a Greek word that means “unforgetting.” Lethe was the river the dead drink from to forget who they were. The word we translate “truth” is un-Lethe. Unforgetting who you are.

Don’t ever forget who you are. Don’t let things distract you from who you are. Don’t let yourself treat others in a way that isn’t true to that.




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