“I Can Walk Around the World”



This is River, having the most beautiful weekend. Tall, strong, and endlessly inquisitive. I feel that the caption should my favorite Lois McMaster Bujold quote: “One step at a time, I can walk around the world. Watch me.”

Stant Litore

4 thoughts on ““I Can Walk Around the World”

    • Dear Todd, that quote is from the novel “Barrayar,” and it is spoken by Aral Vorkosigan to his father, the Count Piotr. (I’m continually enthused about the Vorkosigan saga, too.)


      • Okay, when he tells the old man off and walks away from everything the Vorkosigan name offers, isn’t it?

        I am finishing Mirror Image soon. The Miles/Mark relationship frustrates me, but I love Miles’ unconditional acceptance. Even in the face of being rejected and taken advantage of. Sounds vaguely familiar…


      • Yes, that’s the scene, Todd. And the Miles/Mark relationship gets so layered in Mirror Dance. Worth a second read, by the way: that relationship is much more complex and multifaceted than it may appear at first.


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