Reading Group Guides


Be aware that these guides may contain spoilers, and are meant for use after reading the novel.

Reading Group Guide: Death Has Come Up into Our Windows (pdf)

Reading Group Guide: What Our Eyes Have Witnessed (forthcoming)
Reading Group Guide: Strangers in the Land (forthcoming)
Reading Group Guide: No Lasting Burial (forthcoming)


Quite a few readers have asked me for reading group guides, so I am beginning to add guides for each novel in The Zombie Bible. These guides are suitable for reading groups and book clubs, for English classes, and for church groups or theology study groups. Each guide is divided into brief chapters, so that you can choose the chapters with questions that are most useful to your group. Watch out! Some chapters have much simpler questions; others will require some real digging in the brain and in the heart.


You are welcome to contact me at if you would like me to speak to your group or your class, or if you have additional questions.

One thought on “Reading Group Guides

  1. Love this first study guide. The questions are excellent and intriguing, and I can only imagine the fantastic discussions (and heated debates?) they’d stir up in a group. Would love doing these with a local teen reading group or church youth group.

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