Video Class: Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget


Streaming Videos (3 sessions): Get a crash course from Stant Litore in writing unforgettable characters who live unforgettable stories.



“I just don’t care enough about your character.” Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget provides a toolkit for addressing that issue. Explore what makes characters unforgettable to readers – and learn strategies for digging into and revealing your character’s motivations, drives, and conflict in entertaining and powerful ways. Write dialogue that electrifies your scenes and unpack the moments that matter in your characters’ lives. Enroll now and get:

3 sessions available in this series:

  • Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget: What Makes Your Character Tick (51 minutes)
  • Writing the Dialogue We Crave (58 minutes)
  • Charting Your Character Arc and Using It as a Powerful Tool for Revision (38 minutes)

Included with your registration (emailed to you within one business day):

  • Video links and passwords (Format: Streaming video, hosted on Vimeo). These are provided to you in a note after purchase. If you lose them or do not see them, contact Stant Litore at after purchase.


Included in this trailer are quick excerpts from both the Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget series and the Write Worlds Your Readers Won’t Forget series.


Stant Litore is the author of the nonfiction titles Lives of Unforgetting and On the Other Side of the Night, and the fiction titles Ansible, The Zombie Bible, Dante’s Heart, and The Dakotaraptor Riders. Best known for his weird fiction, alternate history, and science fiction, he holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Denver (as Daniel Fusch). He has served as a developmental editor for the independent writers’ collaborative Westmarch Publishing, and his work on character development has been featured in Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction. Litore’s fiction has been acclaimed by NPR, has served as the topic for scholarly work in Relegere and Weird Fiction Review, and he has been hailed as “SF’s premier poet of loneliness.” He is fascinated by ancient languages, history, and religious studies. He does not currently own a starship or a time machine but would rather like to. He lives in Colorado with his wife and three children and hides from visitors in the basement library beneath a heap of toy dinosaurs, tattered novels, comic books, incomprehensibly scribbled drafts, and antique tomes. He is working on his next novel, or several.

He has frequently taught these classes to standing room only at Pikes Peak Writers Conference, Castle Rock Writers Conference, and other professional events for fiction writers.


“Not only is the advice great, but there’s a warmth that makes writing inviting rather than intimidating.”
– Todd Mitchell, author of The Traitor King and The Last Panther

Testimonials from past participants:

“He was so informative. This workshop helped so much!”

“Stant packs in high level craft lessons in a workshop that seemed deceptively simple.”

“Breakthroughs were made! During the class, I found myself not only taking notes, but also making notes for my manuscript. THANK YOU!”


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