Want to Place a Large Order of Lives of Unforgetting?


Want to place a large order of Lives of Unforgetting? (e.g., for your book group or church small group, your library, your class, or just for a group of nerdy and excellent friends)

Here’s how to order directly from the author:

  • Send me a message (zombiebible@gmail.com) letting me know you want to.
  • Price = $17 per copy (I’m discounting to $15.75 and then calculating in $1.25 sales tax) + $25 shipping within the United States.
  • Payment to Stant Litore via Paypal at zombiebible@gmail.com.
  • Books ship about a week after the order and payment received, unless there is the unlikely event of a whole bunch of large orders all at once, in which case I would be very delighted and surprised but might need an additional week or so to restock inventory–but I’d try to be quick.

One library, at least one church, one independent bookstore, and several bookworms have reached out to me lately for orders of 5, 10, 15, or more copies of the book. That’s very kind, as of course I do make more when you buy directly from my own inventory. I just can’t do fast, free shipping like Amazon can. But since a number of people now have asked, I wanted to let the rest of you know this is an option, and I would be more than delighted to send you books.

(If you’re outside of the U.S., as I know many of you are, I do recommend using Amazon or special ordering through another large online book retailer, as not only is international shipment expensive, but it can be very slow through the regular post.)

And of course, you don’t have to order directly from me! It is totally okay to order through your bookseller of your choice. For Amazon shoppers in the U.S., your link is: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732086931.

Thank you all for wanting the book and finding it useful – that means so much to me.

Peace be with you.

Stant Litore


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