Read a Story, Save a Life


Hey, everyone. There is an organization called Extended Hands of Hope Colorado that connects girls who have survived domestic sex trafficking with housing, education, and counseling services. When we think of trafficking, we usually think of the investigative work or the rescue work: stop the traffickers, save the youths. But the hardest work comes after: the labor of helping these children build lives afterward. This organization is helping with that. Let’s throw our weight and our hope behind them too.

Here are 2 ways you can help:

  1. I will be giving 50% of the royalties from sales of my novella Ansible: Rasha’s Letter to Extended Hands of Hope this season. You can get the book here, in paperback or kindle edition: The book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone story.
  2. Don’t want a book? Give directly here at my Colorado Gives Day campaign for Extended Hands of Hope. (I will be donating the royalties in a couple of weeks directly through this campaign, and you can join me by adding any amount you want to.)

Rasha’s Letter is a time travel thriller and love story between a Syrian refugee who is nine months pregnant and a time-traveling, shapeshifting, bisexual hijabi defender of humanity from the far future. I think you would love the read. Even if time travel isn’t your thing, you can jump in the campaign directly here. Let’s extend refuge to some of the girls and young women here in our neighborhood. If you do read the book and love the story, here is your chance to be a defender of humanity — and 50% of the royalties from the book will go to Extended Hands of Hope.

Please join me. Thank you.

And if you are so moved, check out Colorado #ResistanceReads; I am one of a group of writers who are each giving 50% of their royalties from one of their books to an organization they believe passionately in supporting, this season. Please join us.

Stant Litore

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