Riding (Writing) the Tyrannosaur


Me at age 10: “This story is about a dinosaur on roller skates who has to catch some balloons to eat for breakfast.”

Me at age 20: “This story is about a dinosaur rampaging through the rain forest and devouring the sorcerors who are singing the dead to sleep. But it’s also SUPER DIGNIFIED AND MEANINGFUL ART SRSLY.”

Me at age 30: “This story is about prophets whacking ravenous zombies with shepherd’s crooks somewhere in Bronze Age Israel. BUT ALSO LITERATURE. VRY VRY SERIOUS.”

Me approaching 40: “Screw it. This story is naked people using grappling hooks to climb up the sides of dinosaurs, doing backflips off the tops of their heads and aiming roundhouse kicks at each other and competing in aerial hand-to-hand combat and kicking ass while riding tyrannosaurs in full stampede. In space.”

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