FREE BOOKS! They come with the membership. Sign up, and you get first access to all new stories, you get copies of the books, and you get to give feedback on cover art, titles, and story ideas I’m tossing about – you get invited into my workshop. The membership fee is whatever you say it is. And this funds making more of the stories you love. Right now, we’re sharing drafts of a future cover: a portrait of Sahira: shapeshifter, time traveler, hijabi defender of humanity. The heroine we need. Come join us!

I can hardly believe that this Patreon membership has been running continuously for two and a half years. In that time, we’ve funded the first two seasons of Ansible stories, the tyrannosaur stories, Dante’s Heart, a handbook for writers, the release of the independent editions of The Zombie Bible, four audiobooks, and have played a significant part in keeping my youngest daughter safe and cared for; she is now thriving, and however uncertain the future, today I am thankful.

Writing feels more important than ever. I believe now, more than ever, the stories we tell matter. Most especially the stories that speculate about our possible futures. In this climate, striving to make beautiful things is important. Come join me! There will be tyrannosaurs. There will be aliens. There will be zombies. There will be hijabi swordswomen and first-century Roman gladiatrices. There will be wonders even I don’t suspect yet.

Stant Litore

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