Pikes Peak Writers Conference This Year


Writers and friends: I’m very pleased to announce that I will be on the conference faculty for the 2017 Jubilee year of Pikes Peak Writers Conference.

If you are a local writer and just starting out, I highly recommend coming to the conference. I know it carries quite a price tag, but my attendance at professional writers conferences as a young writer was very formative, an early-in-my pursuits expense that I’ve never regretted. Besides the networking opportunities, I learned so much and received encouragement that I held before me like a torch for years afterward. And it is very useful, if you haven’t done it before, just to meet and talk with agents and editors, not only to practice pitching but also to learn how the publishing world looks like from the perspective of the men and women who work in it every day. So: recommended!

And if you come this year, you can take some of my ‘Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget’ classes as a part of the conference, if you would like! I will have more details on what I’m doing at the event and when a little later on.

I’m looking forward to connecting with some friends and colleagues who are also on the faculty. Excited to see everyone!

More news to follow. If you’re local and a writer, consider holding the date, though!

Stant Litore

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