I finally took the Myers-Briggs. Reading through the report now and thinking, “Yes, this sounds rather like me.” INFJ. Clear preference for N. Moderate preferences for I, F, and J. Good to know.

Any other INFJs out there?

Also, apparently I make a good teacher and/or minister, and can be “creative,” “insightful,” “compassionate,” “empathetic,” “deep,” “persistent,” and “intense.” I am giving you all my intense look. Right now. This is my intense look.

Stant Litore

2 thoughts on “INFJ

  1. I am an INFJ as well

    Sue Hoerner

    PS I have horrid, crippling depression, which is why you have not herd from me. Also, my email system crashed and could only get it on my smartphone for awhile, which was to hard to read.

    also, I read your latest short novel and loved it – my only complaint was that it was too short! I want to know more about hat girl.

    I also got disability, finally, so work fewer hours, and find some time to work in recovery.


    • Hi Sue. I am glad things are looking up, and I understand about depression. I wrestle with it, too, though mine gets diagnosed ‘moderate to severe,’ so I wouldn’t presume to know how much of a beast you have to battle in the dark hours. But I am glad to know you.

      The story you read: do you mean ‘The Running of the Tyrannosaurs’ or ‘Ansible: Season Two’? Either way, there is more coming in both of those worlds!


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