Unstoppable Hope


OK, this isn’t much, but it’s something I have that I can give. I’m making the Lives of Unstoppable Hope ebook free through Sunday. I’m not going to do a lot to promote it or use it to sell a ton of other books – it’s just a gift to all of you in my feed, for those of you who would find something in it. It’s the story of the long weeks I spent at Inara’s hospital bedside, and it is a gallop through the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount, in ancient Greek – a meditation on the nature of hope. On lives of unstoppable hope:

“I have learned that hope, which I had thought small and delicate like a moth in the night, can be hard as steel, a blade in your hand.”

This book includes religious devotions and prayers, and it has been shared with churches in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Nepal; I have been told by many of my non-religious or other-religious readers that they found the book heartfelt and inspiring for them, also. It is a deeply personal book. I am sharing it here because some of you need hope hard as steel this week. I do too. And also because it is my birthday (as of an hour ago), and like a good hobbit, I need to give my guests gifts.

If you would like this book, it is for you.

If you would not like it, then no worry, and I hope instead that I am able to post or write something on my blog or my Facebook feed that will make your day a little better, or that I am able to make a space here where others’ comments and words will bring you hope or support or backup.

Here’s to unstoppable hope. And to so many torches lit in the dark.

You are all loved and welcome here.

Stant Litore


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