Everyone Needs More Tyrannosaurs in Their Life!

The next Stant Litore novel is about a young woman surviving on the far-future space station where tyrannosaurs are grown. Think Jurassic Park meets Robinson Crusoe. You can be a part of it — readers who help make this book happen will be listed in a special section of the book! Pledge $1 on Patreon before October 31 and get your name in the book! Join here: http://www.patreon.com/stantlitore
Your pledge doesn’t just support this one book: it is a monthly membership that allows me to keep my stories independent and keep them coming — and gives you backstage access to the stories you love!
Come be a part of this!
Embark on an odyssey that will take you from cylindrical space stations on which young athletes race tyrannosaurs, to far planets where vegetable people drink sunlight, to the deeps of time when our ancestors fought the zombie hordes.
On Patreon, we’re making more of these stories together!
Stant Litore

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